Amazium 4 Release

Amazium 4

Well it’s been a long time since we rolled out Amazium v3, and in that time so much has changed! Like support for flexbox and the rise of SCSS. With the latest version of Amazium we hope to enable developers to build responsive sites faster and easier than ever before, like using the new flexbox based grid system or the new BEM class naming.

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  • BEM - It seems so clear now that this is a much better approach for naming elements within a project. Using BEM creates extendable and reusable interface components, and as most projects use the same components, code reuse significantly reduces price and time of development.
  • UI Colors - Update to most of Amaziums’ color range to also include Black and shades of Grey.
  • Typography - We have made small amends to the font-size of headings and the addition of text overrides like: font-size, line-height and color.
  • Icons - v4 also includes support for SVG icons like: size, color and position.


  • Naming - Hyphens are the new underscores, or at least, as we use hyphens for most if not all naming it felt a good idea to do the same for the Amazium grid classes.
  • Flexbox - As global support for the magical flexbox is over 94% we felt it was time to make the move, and in doing so we can do much more than before in terms of alignment, spacing, ordering and with very little additional code added.
  • Fluid Grids - As we said above, Amazium 4 is now using flexbox and as a result we found we didn’t need 2 versions of the grid system (1200px & 100%). All we needed to do was use a modifier on the .row class called .row--width-fluid which make the default 1200px row 100%.
  • Grid parameters - Yes finally you can set your own parameters as Amazium now uses awesome SCSS to do its grid system which gives you the option to set grid width, column amount and gutter width.


  • Form overrides - You can now easily override the font and border color of your forms.
  • Fieldsets, Labels & Inputs - Updates styling to allow for easier overrides, Adds border color on focus.
  • Adds support for label help text, just add a paragraph block after a label and you have some nice formatted help text.
  • Inline form elements - Added is a new set of classes to allow for multiple form elements inline.
  • Input widths - New classes for making your inputs from 10% up to 90% with 100% being the default.
  • Validation - Removes old styling of the message block with a newer BEM friendly version.
  • Disabled - New styling for disabled inputs added.
  • Radio & Checkboxes - Updates for both with more options like checkbox switches and Radio groups.


  • Default - All links, buttons and inputs styling have been reset.
  • btn class - The default .btn class has be upgraded to allow for block level modification.
  • Size - You can choose from 5 sizes xs > xl for your buttons.
  • Color - New color options have been added including: Positive (Green), Info (Blue), Negative (Red) and Warning (Orange).
  • Styles - You can now chose if your button should be a ghost or a link.
  • States - New loading, success and failure slates have been added for buttons.

Community Shoutouts

A massive thankyou you some awesome people is needed for making v4 so great.

The future

We are working on making Amazium better than ever and will be updating the support website very soon so keep an eye out, until next time, Amazium team out!